Grievance Management Software

Grievance Management Software is a full-service platform for identifying and managing grievances, monitoring their status, generating reports and statistics, and proactively resolving issues at all stages. In Grievance redressal mechanism a complaint can be lodged by students, parents, teachers and other non-teaching staff against any discontent or about any lack of action. It is the responsibility of the higher staff to analyze and investigate the lodged complaint and take prompt action quickly.

Alerts & Notifications

Get notified in case of reply, closure, feedback of grievance

24*7 Availability

GrievancePortals is available 24*7.

As per AICTE Norms

We adhere to AICTE Norms for the grievance readdresal system.

Fast & Paperless

It’s fast and paperless. Save time of aggrieved person and cell members

Features of Grievance Redressal System

 It is designed in accordance with AICTE norms

 It keeps the user identity confidential

 It is simple and responsive.

 One can attach supporting files in favor of the grievance

 One can view the reply for the complaint posted

 View notifications from the grievance cell members

Benefits of Grievance Software

 Students, parents, faculty, alumni, non-teaching staff and management can lodge complaints in a discreet manner.

 It encourages users to raise grievances without fear.

 It provides a fair and speedy grievance handling system.

 It saves time of an individual and cell members.

 It is an improved communication and alerts via Email

 Online grievance redressal system is available 24*7

 Maintain confidentiality

 eGrievance is fast then paper-based grievance.

 Systematic and trustworthy grievance reporting

How Grievance Redressal System Works?


To inform the authorities about any discontent or lack of action.


To allocate someone for finding the facts of complaint


To carry out the research regarding the grievance submitted.

Result / Report

To find out the solution and send report to the grievant.


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